Short message peer-to-peer protocol (SMPP) is a standardized telecommunications industry protocol for exchanging sms messages. This protocol is highly suitable for the exchange of bulk sms.


For more information on SMPP refer to:


http api

Access to the gateway is through the Internet. We offer one web address which is connected to several backup servers through VRRP to achieve redundancy. This configuration doesn’t require your involvement in gateway discovery if one of the servers is not responding.

Valid methods to connect to the gateway are GET or POST with a Content-Type of ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’. To ensure security you will be given a Username and Password that is specific to your account. The Username and Password will be sent to you as part of the account setup procedure. Once you received the ‘account set up’ email, which includes the Username and Password, you can start sending HTTP requests.

The parameters are the following:

Parameter Description
USERNAME Your username assigned by Spryng
PASSWORD Your password assigned by Spryng
BODYTYPE Type of message
REFERENCE Unique identifier for delivery reports
DESTINATION Destination number(s)
BODY The body of the sms
TARIFF Amount to be charged to the recipient (incl. VAT)
SERVICE SMS service tag to be used as billing reference on statistics and invoice
DLR Delivery report request
UDH User Data Header

Delivery reports

If you specify a script it is possible to receive real time delivery reports. This script should expect 2 parameters, which will be sent to your script by HTTP GET. When you are requesting a delivery report you must specify one destination only in the request.


The two parameters are:

- Reference

- Status


Online stats

It is possible for you to check the statistics of your account online by logging on with your account details.