Spryng provides an easily accessible, worldwide wholesale sms gateway. Our main objective is making sure you effectively communicate your message, you only pay for the sms itself. We don’t require any setup- or license fees.

You can simply make a connection between your system and the Spryng server, which is capable of processing any size of bulk sms. For possibilities and specifications refer to connecting. We make sure we route your request to the best possible providers all over the globe, thereby making sure your needs are met at low prices while providing high user-friendliness. We also provide numerous routes to meet the specific criteria of your task, ranging from various economy- to a variety of business routes.

The possibilities of our wholesale sms gateway are endless, giving you all the statistics and information you need.

Bulk sms

The sms gateway Spryng provides is highly suitable for bulk sms. If sender ID and the body of the sms is identical for a message that is sent to a group of recipients we call this bulk sms. This is commonly used for marketing campaigns. We advise sending bulk sms only to recipients that have giving consent by an opt-in.

Streaming sms

We refer to sending a unique sms to an individual as streaming sms. Streaming sms can easily and automatically be achieved by integrating an sms gateway into your systems. The sender ID and the body of the sms is variable, thereby making it possible to send personalized message with information only relevant to the recipient.


For technical specification, prices or more information you can contact us.